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Trip Wrap Up

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3476 Miles
11 States
1 ticket (yes I got nabbed for one)

Well, I have had a chance to rest a bit and am here to give a wrap up on my recent trip. I almost made it the whole way without a ticket, but I saw more cops on the road between the Texas/Louisiana Border and Houston than I saw on my whole trip and one of them got me just outside of Nacogdoches. Defensive driving, here I come.. ;o)

All in all, it was a very good trip, rain aside.…

I’m Home

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I made it. Will post soon a recap and my ponderings/observations/etc. on the trip once i get a chance to settle in a bit. But just wanted to let everyone know that I am back at home, safe and sound!…

Lunch Stop

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Just pass Shreveport, LA now with a quick bite to eat. Blue skies the whole way but wind has picked up quite a bit. Hope it settles down a bit.…

The Last Leg

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Looks like the weather will be on my side today! YIPPEE!! According to the radar, looks like all the rain has moved through my area and it should be clear from here to Houston. I am taking the route via Shreveport, LA back over to 59 and down to Houston. There is still rain down Baton Rouge way and I just don’t want to ride I-10 anyhow! hehe

So just need to get packed up. Get some gas and I’ll be on my way.…

1000 Miles on The Dragon

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Remember my post about the guy on The Dragon doing the 24 hour run? Well a board I frequent is talking about it. Apparently he completed it.

You can read about it HERE.…

That’s It for Today

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Although it is no longer raining on me here in Clinton just past Jackson, I am so water logged and rather sick of riding today that I decided to go ahead and stop. I was hoping I could make it a bit further, but felt it best to stop and dry out and warm up. Tomorrow will just have to be a longer day. Looks like I should be somewhat drier for the last leg.…

I’m Off Again

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Another slow start this morning. Not looking forward to the rain. It’s dry right now but I’m definitely heading for it. Better get out while the gettings good. Talk to you soon!…

All Hail the Dragon Slayer!

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Well, I did it! The Dragon was able to snip me about 3 times, but in the end, I proved too much for him and down he went! What a ride!! I can see now why so many Motorcyclists talk about it. I couldn’t imagine going down that road in a car! Whoever built it, must have owned a bike. No pics of the Dragon, itself. It would have been too dangerous to stop and snap a photo. All I got was the sign at the end.…

I’m OK

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Finally got some cell coverage. Great ride today, but more on that later.…

Good Morning

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Today, I head for ‘The Dragon.’ This is known throughout the Motorcycle World as a favorite road for Motorcyclists. It spans the Tennesse and North Carolina border. I am looking forward to it. After that, another scenic route through the Cherahola Parkway (sp?). I should end up in either Chattanooga, TN or Birmingham, AL depending on the the time it takes to get through the rest of the day.

I want to get thorugh this today since tomorrow looks like I am back in the wet stuff again.…