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Console – Complete – Part 5 of 5

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It was a long road from concept to completion.  There were many delays due to illness, hot weather, and life in general.  But I have to say, this has to be one of my favorite pieces I have completed.  I couldn’t use paint to help hide “mistakes”.  I needed to take my time and be careful.  So maybe the length of time worked in my favor.  I didn’t rush and the results make me proud.

Now we only need some pieces to display!…

Console – Finish – Part 4 of 5

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The finish for the console was decided by default due to the chosen for the dining table.  I know I didn’t want to use a water-based polyurethane. A finish I have used several times in the past, but it does not have the look I was going for.  Back out to the world-wide-web to investigate finish options.  

I came across a series of videos and blog post by Ask Woodman showing the application of Waterlox.  I decided to use this way back in the concept stages and even got samples of Waterlox to test out.  …

Console – Assembly – Part 3 of 5

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Once again, I failed to document the next step with photos.  The design is very clean and minimal.  I did not want fasteners or hinges visible.  So I went back out to the great, wide yonder known as the internet to find an invisible hinge.  I really did not want to use european hinges, but was beginning to think I would have to until I stumbled across the soss hinge.  And, I was able to get it in black!…

Console – The Build – Part 2 of 5

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Not much progress was made on the console this year since I primarily focused on the dining table with my free time.  However, I was able to get back to it after taking a break from the dining table.

After some runs through the planer to get all the various pieces to consistent and matching depths, I proceeded with getting the legs cut.  In order to do this, I had to prepare a couple of jigs that allowed me to cut the angles on the legs with the band saw.  …

Console – The Beginning – Part 1 of 5

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It begins with an idea.  We had decided we wanted  a console in our entry area.  We wanted it to display art and.  So I set out exploring different ideas for inspiration.  Once I settled on a couple, I developed some concept renderings to merge the various sources of inspiration.

In hindsight, the curved leg version was not my best idea, but, for whatever reason at the time, I thought it was interesting and offered its own set of construction challenges.  …