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Arya’s Nursery (Complete)

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Now that Arya is home and things have settled down a bit, I was finally able to complete her Nursery Tree Mural as I had intended.  The original concept was to have her initials appear as if they were carved into the tree along with a date for when they are carved.  The date being her birth date.

I started with editing my Adobe Illustrator file to reflect her birth date and then printing it to act as a template to create a mask for applying the paint to the tree.  …

Arya’s Dresser (Complete)

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As time approaches to Arya’s due date, I am spending a lot of my free time in the garage trying to get the dresser complete before her arrival.

I begin the next phase by doing my least favorite, but very necessary part of woodworking, the sanding.  Once I had everything sanded and smoothed out, I moved onto the painting stage.  After I masked off the cabinet interior , due to it already having the polyurethane finish, I applied the primer coat to the entire assembly. …

Arya’s Nightstand

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During Arya’s Dresser Project, I realized her nursery needed another piece of furniture, a nightstand.  Once again, the options out there just cost too much, so I came up with a quick, simple design that added design elements from the crib so it would match that and the dresser.

I got the poplar lumber needed for the nightstand from my local big box store and started to cut it down for the components.  For the legs, I needed thicker material than what was available, so I laminated two smaller boards together with glue to get the thickness wanted.…

Arya’s Dresser (Part 2)

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Once all of the components were cut, I moved into the assembly phase of the dresser project.

I started by assembling and gluing the main body carcass as well as the top drawer carcass.  In order to get a smooth interior finish on the cabinet, prior to assembly, I coated the components of the cabinet with 3 coats of water-based polyurethane.

Arya’s Dresser (Part 1)

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I had no interest in making Arya’s crib, for several reasons, we ended up purchasing the Larkin Fixed Gate 4-in-1 Crib from Pottery Barn Kids.  While at the store, we saw a matching dresser that we liked, but didn’t like the price.  So, I decided it was time to dust off the table saw and make a matching dresser, myself.

In December, 2012, I  visited my favorite lumber yard, Mason’s Mill and Lumber Co., to get all of the wood supplies for the dresser after I drew up the design.…

Arya’s Nursery (Part 2)

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Numerous lessons learned on the next phase of painting the mural for Arya’s nursery including needing to read the directions and reviews on glitter paint, white on yellow is not a good combination, don’t change what works, frisket is not the best stencil material for a rough-textured wall unless you trim it in place, you should not reuse frisket for multiple colors, and not trusting my ability with artistic paint brushes.

In order to give the butterflies a little sparkle, Gladys and I settled on the line of Martha Stewart Living glitter paints for the butterflies that would circle the tree completed in my previous post.  …

Arya’s Nursery (Part 1)

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Those who know me, know that I don’t ever do things the easy way.  Well, you can image with the excitement building to welcome our baby girl into the world, I started imagining ideas for the nursery.  I saw some pictures online of murals that included trees which got my mind going.  Apparently, there are vinyl appliques that one can buy, but none of them seemed to have what I was looking for.  Then I looked at painted murals people had done and all of them seemed either too real or too “childish” for my tastes.  …