Silveware Chest Concept

In order to store the flatware we received as gifts for our recent wedding, I have come up with the following concept to make our own Silverware Chest. The chest is to be made of Koa Wood (inspired by our wedding/honeymoon trip to Hawaii). Koa wood grows on the Islands of Hawaii and nowhere else …

Maui (5/2010)

Pictures from our Honeymoon on Maui, Hawaii.

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Hawaii Reception (5/6/2010)

Our Hawaii Wedding Reception at the Beachhouse in the Moana-Surfrider Hotel on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Bathroom Complete

Tonight I installed the last item to complete our bathroom remodel, the shower rod. I would have finished the bathroom a couple weeks ago, but I did not order enough wallpaper and had to order another roll (FOR 6 WHOLE INCHES) to complete it. But now it is done and we are quite happy with …

Centerpiece – Complete

This weekend I completed the centerpiece with the final application of stain and polyurethane. You can see the finished piece in the photos below.

Cabinets Installed

Today I was able to get the cabinet installed. I still have some plumbing hookups to do (missing some parts) and still have to install the toe kick. We also ordered new wallpaper, towel rods, and light fixture. Once I get that all installed, our bathroom renovation will be complete.


I have moved onto removing the tile backsplash and build-back of the portion of the wall that gets removed in the process.

Demolition Begins

Last night, I began the demolition process of my existing bathroom cabinet. For the most part, the process went a lot smoother than I anticipated. I was able to get the cabinet completely demolished in less than an hour. Next up will be to remove the tile backsplash.