Dining Table – Complete – Part 4 of 4

I actually completed the finish of the base prior fabricating the tabletop, but I wanted to document the entire finish process in one post.

Details regarding the finish process are identical to the ones for the console.  I started by first putting on the black-tea wash to introduce the required tannins for the next step as well as to raise the grain.  After the grained was raised, I did a quick sand to get the surface back smooth.

After the tea, I applied the iron acetate and let it darken the wood prior to the application of the dye.  Once all that was complete, I applied the final finish of shellac followed by Sutherland Welles Murdoch’s Hard Sealer and Murdoch’s Table Top.

Next was the tabletop.  the same steps applied.

With some help of a friendly neighbor, I relocated the tabletop from my garage to the dining room to mate it with the completed base.  I am pretty pleased with how the table turned out.  And no, I don’t do chairs!  Those have been ordered and will be here soon so we can enjoy the table.

Now onto the next one…