Dining Table – Inception – Part 1 of 4

Along with the Console furniture project, I also set out to make a dining table for our formal dining room. Years ago, we say a table at Home Source furniture that served as my inspiration for the dining table.

It was big (10′ long) and had an old-world, trestle-style that we liked. I also loved the look of the wood used. While I never really confirmed the type of wood used, I liked the deep, dark, reddish-brown color. With this all in mind, I came up with the following concept design.

Since this was being realized in parallel with the Console, I also wanted to see how the pieces interacted with each other in their final setting due to the somewhat apposing styles to confirm that they worked together. So I developed some test renderings of the pieces to see how it would ultimately look. The light fixture in the following images was also a test concept that did not make the cut.

I will not go into details about the wood selection. You can read about that in the initial post about the Console. However, as a reminder, I have to assume that this is not what Lexus had planned for their RX!

With all the wood in possession, I began to divide it up between the two projects and begin getting the rough stock down to size. With everything organized and labeled, I was able to move onto the manufacture of the table elements.

Check out Part 2 which chronicles the table-base build process.