Console – The Beginning – Part 1 of 5

It begins with an idea.  We had decided we wanted  a console in our entry area.  We wanted it to display art and.  So I set out exploring different ideas for inspiration.  Once I settled on a couple, I developed some concept renderings to merge the various sources of inspiration.

In hindsight, the curved leg version was not my best idea, but, for whatever reason at the time, I thought it was interesting and offered its own set of construction challenges.  Ultimately it got the thumbs down so I looked around some more and then settled on the following, which I remember really liking (and still do!).  

It took some convincing that it would fit in due to a parallel development of a dining table concept.  In order to help sell the concept, I did some concept renderings to show it in context.  This ultimately led to a thumbs up and I got to work on developing my design documents including detailed dimension drawings of each component that translated to a cut list.

Though different styles, another factor that helped sell the concept was that I planned on using the same wood and finish for both the dining table and the console.  So my material list included wood for both pieces.   The wood of choice would be German beech.  I like it due to its density and hardness that is similar to hard maple, but much less expensive.  One could argue it is not as nice to look at as maple, but since I was going for a dark-reddish brown final color, grain appearance wasn’t my top priority.  Certainly a factor (I really can’t stand oak grain, but I digress), but not a primary one.

Once all my details and calculations were complete, I set out to my favorite supplier, Mason’s Mill and Lumber Co. to get all of my material.  I do not think Lexus ever intended their SUV’s to be loaded in such a way as pictured below, but you gotta do what you gotta do.  This also reinforced the idea that my next vehicle needed to be a truck.  But, again, I digress.

After some delay due to illness and lack of free time due to the end-of-year holidays, I worked on getting the rough lumber cut down and organized.  After some quality time with the table saw, I had a stack of wood dedicated to the console.

Check out Part 2 which chronicles the build process.