Arya’s Nursery (Complete)

Now that Arya is home and things have settled down a bit, I was finally able to complete her Nursery Tree Mural as I had intended.  The original concept was to have her initials appear as if they were carved into the tree along with a date for when they are carved.  The date being her birth date.

I started with editing my Adobe Illustrator file to reflect her birth date and then printing it to act as a template to create a mask for applying the paint to the tree.  I no longer had spare frisket that I had used previously on the fairy and the butterflies, so I just used blue painter’s tape and tape the printed templat over the tape so I could cut out the numbers with my xacto knife.

Once the numbers were cut out, to help prevent any bleed, I used my technique of painting the base tree color first.  Once that was dry, I went over it with the yellow paint. Then I was able to remove the tape and ended up with the completed date “carved” into the tree.

I am playing with some ideas for the ceiling that I may or may not do.  So more on that later if I go through with it.

Pictures are below of the progress and the final product.