Arya’s Dresser (Part 2)

Once all of the components were cut, I moved into the assembly phase of the dresser project.

I started by assembling and gluing the main body carcass as well as the top drawer carcass.  In order to get a smooth interior finish on the cabinet, prior to assembly, I coated the components of the cabinet with 3 coats of water-based polyurethane.

With the bodies assembled, I moved onto assembling the two dresser tops, one for the main body and one for the top mounted drawer.  I edged glued up the poplar boards to get the wide tops.

 The next step was to begin assembly of the face frame.  I glued the poplar face frame together using pocket screws separate from the dresser body.  Once the face frame had cured, I attached it to the body using biscuit plate joinery and glue.

After the face frame, I moved onto trim work and making the drawer and door fronts.   In order to achieve the look I was after, I had to cut some recesses into the upper portions of the dresser body to receive the cove trim.  I also made some thin pieces of accent trim that would go with the cove trim for some added detail.  At the toe kick, I used the same thin detail trim along with a smaller cove trim for accent.

The drawer and cabinet door fronts consist of poplar stile and rails with a medium density fiberboard (MDF) infill. 

Next up, I can move onto final detailing and the paint finish.