Silveware Chest Concept

In order to store the flatware we received as gifts for our recent wedding, I have come up with the following concept to make our own Silverware Chest.

The chest is to be made of Koa Wood (inspired by our wedding/honeymoon trip to Hawaii). Koa wood grows on the Islands of Hawaii and nowhere else and is a very beautiful wood. It is my first time to work with the wood and am looking forward to the challenge to make the chest. The chest will be comprised of a cavity to store the flatware to be accessed by a hinged lid. The underside of the lid will provide storage for the knifes in the flatware set. There will also be a drawer for the serving flatware that is part of our set. The drawers, cavity and lid will be lined with tarnish resistant cloth.

Below are renderings of the concept in both block form and rendered with a Koa wood sample to get an idea of the hopefully finished product.