Centerpiece – Continued

Due to the holidays I have been unable to work on the centerpiece. But today, I was able to take its construction a step further. I was pleased to see that the curve held true after removing it from the clamps. The laminations and glue went a long way and helping it keep the curve I wanted.

With the piece out of the clamps, I needed to cut the ends to true up the piece as well as cut the slots for the legs. In order to do this, I had to make a custom form to keep the curved piece stable while these cuts were made. After this was done, I turned to cutting the legs down to size. This is where disaster almost overcame the project. I was not paying attention and ended up cutting the legs from the piece in the wrong direction, thus making them too short for the width of the piece. Luckily after a short bit, i realized I could glue the cut pieces back together and it still be long enough to be used. So I cut some biscuit slots in the two pieces, applied the glue and set it in the clamp to set. I also wrote on the top of the piece to make sure I cut in the proper direction once the glue had set.

While I the leg blank was setting up in the clamp, I had to make another form to cut out the recess for the centerpiece block. Once that was done, I used my router to cut out the recess. This process of making the form and cutting the recess gave the glue on the leg blank enough time to set. I took the blank out of the clamp and after sanding, the seam of the two pieces pretty much disappeared. I then cut the legs to the proper size (taking great care to make sure I cut in the proper direction).

I then sanded all the pieces individually since it would be easier to do it now rather than after it was assembled. I test fit the piece together with the centerpiece before I glued everything up and then glued the legs to the piece and let it setup in the clamps.

Next up will be the stain and final finish. I will need to do a few test stains on some scrap to make sure I am happy with the shade of stain.