Bathroom Cabinets – Finish Coat

Unfortunately I did not document the process of making these cabinets. However, I am at the final stages of building the new cabinets for our bathroom remodel. Today I finally got enough consecutive days of dry weather and was able to start putting the final coats of polyurethane on the cabinets. Here are some pictures of the cabinets as I prep them for the sprayer. The first pictures are of the tall and lavatory cabinet carcasses, These were made from 3/4″ and 1/2″ maple veneer plywood with solid maple face frames. The outsides of the cabinets were stained a dark java brown with the insides remaining natural. The next picture is of the cabinet doors and drawer pieces stacked to be sprayed. The last picture is of the shelfs for the tall cabinet being glued up.

More posts are to follow as I get the cabinets complete and start demolishing the existing bathroom cabinet and sink.