Trip Wrap Up

3476 Miles
11 States
1 ticket (yes I got nabbed for one)

Well, I have had a chance to rest a bit and am here to give a wrap up on my recent trip. I almost made it the whole way without a ticket, but I saw more cops on the road between the Texas/Louisiana Border and Houston than I saw on my whole trip and one of them got me just outside of Nacogdoches. Defensive driving, here I come.. ;o)

All in all, it was a very good trip, rain aside. I saw some incredible scenery and beautiful rides on areas of the country I had never seen before. The modifications I did to my bike were a big help in making the ride quite a bit more comfortable than my previous rode trip a few years ago. The new seat and the handlebar risers both contributed to allowing me to stay in the saddle much longer than before. The handguards helped keep the bunt of the wind off of my hands allowing my grip warmers to have a better effect.

Obviously, riding in the rain was not very much fun, but the bike handled well. I just need to invest in some better rain gear. The cheap rain suit I had didn’t stand up to the abuse of the wind and was pretty much ripped to shreads leaving me open to getting soaked. Plus my gloves weren’t exactly waterproof like I assumed them to be.

Also, running the grip warmers like I did was a bit much and the battery didn’t hold a charge well when I did run them. Thus, on a couple mornings the bike didn’t have enough juice to start up and I had to get a jump one day and popped the clutch to get it running the next.

So, not too sure how soon I’ll get back out for another road trip, but I think it is safe to assume I won’t be taking any major trips on the bike for a while yet. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but more to the fact that the cooler months ahead would make it not very inviting. PLus, now that I have gone both West and East, I am not sure where I’ll go next time. Maybe straight up North? Who knows.

So, until then…