All Hail the Dragon Slayer!

Well, I did it! The Dragon was able to snip me about 3 times, but in the end, I proved too much for him and down he went! What a ride!! I can see now why so many Motorcyclists talk about it. I couldn’t imagine going down that road in a car! Whoever built it, must have owned a bike. No pics of the Dragon, itself. It would have been too dangerous to stop and snap a photo. All I got was the sign at the end. LOL

BTW, in one pf the pics below, I take a picture of the Dragon sign and you see a guy on a yellow bike. This man, or fool if you are so inclined to think so, is just going up and down the Dragon. Back and forth. He is trying to set a record for 1000 miles in 24 hours just on the Dragon. Supposedly he has been at it for a while before I got there. Best of luck to him. Crazy!!!

As you can see from the pics below, I started out my day getting a layer of frost and ice off of my bike. however, I must say today’s ride was the most invigorating. It started out a bit slow out of Cherokee, NC due to the traffic, but once I hit the Foothills Parkway, it was pretty smooth sailing. No traffic to speak of. And as with the previous day, great scenery to compliment the ride. And despite the cold start, it was much warmer today! Thank God!! So all in all, the past couple days have to be the highlight of the trip. Well the moving portion of it anyway. Of course, seeing my Brother and Sister-IN-Law was THE highlight!! :o)

And yet once again, my Navigation software took me off on some questionable roads. I made it through, but I wish I had a better understanding of the software when planning the routes that it wouldn’t pick roads that haven’t been serviced in what seems like 20 years just because it is the more direct route. LOL

This may be the last of the pics. After the past couple days, I can’t imagine anything being worthy of picture taking between here and home. And not to mention, as I pulled in to stop, I started getting sprinkled on. Tomorrow looks to be another wet one! So, the camera is getting put into a dry place.

Until tomorrow. Enjoy the pics.