Back to Square One

After contacting the manufacturer of the John Deere Blitz Black paint, I found out the issue in regards to the paint finish coming out glossy. Apparently, this paint does not like numerous coats. The more coats you build up, the glossier it gets. Therefore, I need to sand my finish back down and start back from the primer coat again.

I used my random orbit sander to take off much of the paint and get a smooth surface for the primer. Once that was done, I then proceeded to spray 4 coats of the John Deere Buff Primer. I will let that cure for a couple days and then lightly sand it and apply the Blitz Black…. again!! Oh well, you live and learn, eh?

Now for some actual good news… progress!!! My neck is pretty much done. I sprayed the final coats of satin polyurethane on the neck and truss rod cover after some very fine sanding to smooth out the previous coats. Once these final coats setup and cure, I will be able to install the hardware on the neck.

Now if I can only finish that body…