Neck Decal

After letting the last coats of paint on the neck cure for about a week, I decided it was time to put the decals I had made on it. Since this is my second custom guitar, I came up with a logo to dub the guitar, Custom 2. A while back when planning this guitar, I looked around on the internet to try and find a source for a decal. After much reading and some posted questions, I came across Decal Connection Inc. on a recommendation from one of the forums I posted to. I did up the artwork to my satisfaction and sent the design to Decal Connection Inc. to be printed. I wanted my logo and Custom text to be silver and the number 2 to be blue.

Tonight I very lightly sanded the neck face so that I had a nice smooth surface for the waterslide decal. Once that was done, I carefully trimmed out the logo and text for the neck. As you can see from the picture, I still have the Sable name to place. This is to go on the face of the truss-rod cover. In order for that to happen, I need to make the surface of the plastic truss rod cover smooth. Therefore, I started spraying a couple coats of satin polyurethane on the cover in preparation for the decal.

Once the decals were trimmed, I soaked them in warm water per the Decal Connection Inc.‘s instructions. Once they were ready, I removed the decals from the paper backing and placed them on the neck.

Well, as you can notice from my picture of the decals on the neck, the blue 2 pretty much disappeared. So, note #563 to self, in the future, when ordering a decal for placement on a black background, have all colors double printed with a white base. Otherwise, I think it looks pretty cool. Unless you get up close to the neck, you can not see the number 2. Not sure if this subtlety will still read through once the final satin coats of polyurethane are put on the neck to seal and protect the decals, but hopefully it does.

Tomorrow, I have to make yet another trip to my local John Deere dealer. Apparently, the last can of paint that I used did not have the proper amount of flattening agent mixed in, so the guitar body has a bit too much sheen to it (see last few pictures from 07-16-2005 above). I plan on putting a few more coats of the Blitz Black paint on it.